Kaminakia, Vatses & Richtis / from 70€ to 120€

Price 120.00€ 70.00€

Price includes:

  • Brunch: A variety of cheeses / sausages
  • Lunch: Pasta with shrimp, salad & desert
  • Drinks: Bottled Wine, Beers & soft drinks 
  • Snorkelling Kit, Umbrellas, Music, Wifi , Shower Water, Use of Bath, Beach towels, Waterproof mobile case , GoPro camera , Fully sun protected deck, Sitting / Dinning Area
  • Crew (Captain & Sailor)
  • VAT, Mooring Fees, Insurance
  • Fuel consumption

Daily Cruise Info

  • Be in a GROUP of 12 Passengers
  • Departure Time : 11:00 am
  • Return Time : 18:00

Daily Cruise Schedule

  1. We start at 11.00 am to Kaminakia Beach. Shower, Wifi, refreshments, beers and wine are provided along the cruise. Estimated time of arrival 11:45 pm and stay until 13.30 pm. Kaminakia is the most famous beach of Astypalea. At 13.00 pm we serve the first light meal, a platter of 2 people with a variety of cheeses / sausages, local nuts, jam and dried fruit accompanied by bottled wine, beer and soft drinks.
  2. Next stop is Vatse beach with estimated time of arrival 13.40 pm and stay until 15.00 pm. Vatses beach is a famouse destination which combine wild landscape, sundy beach , deep waters & relaxing atmospher.
  3. Next stop is Ag.Ioannis Richtis. Estimated time of arrival 15.15 pm and stay until 17.15 pm. Here you could enjoy the crystal green waters exploring every corner of the high rocks using the diving equipment provided free of charge by the crew. Also, the boat has a tender for safely transport you and your items to the beach. As you explore the area, the crew prepares your lunch consisting of Pasta with Shrimps, salad accompanied by wine.